The Best Toys For Entertaining Your Cat

Catnip-filled toys are always a hit with cats! Catnip is an herb from the mint family that has an intoxicating effect on cats when they smell it. You can purchase small stuffed animals, balls and even scratching posts filled with this special herb as well as loose leaf or dried herbs in sachets for sprinkling around the house. Not all cats respond to catnip but those who do will be very interested indeed!

Tunnels are also great fun for cats they provide a safe space where they can hide away while still playing at being a hunter or explorer. Cardboard tunnels offer an inexpensive option, while fabric tunnels come in bright colors and textures that cats love to explore just make sure there are no plastic parts or other potential choking hazards. You could also try tunnel-like structures made out of cardboard boxes which you can modify yourself by cutting windows and doors this way you know exactly what materials your cat is interacting with!

Laser pointers have long been popular amongst cat owners after all, who doesn’t love watching their kitty pounce after the red dot? While chasing the light should never replace interaction between you and your pet, these pointers allow you both to engage in some playful exercise together without having too much physical contact perfect if your kitty isn’t comfortable being held or touched too much just yet. Just be sure not to use it excessively so as not to overstimulate or overwhelm them!

Feather wands are another classic toy that entices cats into playtime by appealing to their natural hunting instincts these puppets usually feature feathers on one end attached via string wire ribbon attached to handles at the other end so humans can control their movements. There’s lots of variation in feather wands available just make sure whatever attachments you choose won’t harm or break off easily when chewed by enthusiastic little jaws!

With such a wide array of different options available, there’s guaranteed something out there to excite even the pickiest of felines! From simple interactive games like laser pointers right through to elaborate contraptions such as tunnels providing plenty of stimulation is key in helping keep our feline friends occupied throughout their days spent indoors.